Display Screen Equipment

Online marking and feedback will provide substantial benefits to both staff and students within the University. For further information please refer to Theme 5: Marking/Feedback.

In order to avoid problems with continuous use of Display Screen Equipment (DSE), the University have in place a system of assessment, which covers good workstation set up and practice for all staff.

Display screen equipment
Display Screen Equipment is any work equipment which has a screen that displays information.  Problems can be avoided by good job design, good workstation set up and by ensuring the individual uses the display screen equipment and workstation in the correct manner.

You should make full and proper use of the equipment provided.  Adjust the equipment to get the best from it and more importantly to suit your needs in order to avoid potential health problems.

Take a look at the DSE assessment process for the correct steps in assessing issues.

Display screen equipment and how to request an assessment
In order to avoid potential health problems, help adjust the equipment and get the best from it to suit your needs, all staff who use DSE must complete the DSE eLearning and Workstation Assessment Module:

To access the DSE eLearning and Workstation Assessment Module, please contact your Faculty ‘Lead DSE Assessor’ for guidance.

Components of the eLearning Module include:

  1. DSE Training (animated training slides)
  2. Competency-based test (to test a user’s understanding of the completed training)
  3. Workstation self-assessment

Until your online assessment is completed (which should be done every 2 years) you can find details of “how to help yourself”. There are also useful resources on the Health & Safety Service guidance on DSE and Offices including workstation for multiple users and working with two screens.

Students' needs

Several student induction videos are available to help you with informing students of Health & Safety in laboratories, workshops, placements, fieldtrips and art.