Equipment provision

The University developed a new University-wide Equipment Policy to facilitate mobile and flexible working and to enable staff to adopt more efficient and effective online marking and feedback methods.

The following principles were agreed for all teaching staff on full academic contracts and for permanent non-academic staff who deliver teaching and assessment within their contracted hours:

  • There will be a choice of either a desktop PC and monitor or laptop without the need for a business case
  • Laptop users will be provided with a docking station, keyboard, mouse and screen to comply with Display Screen Equipment (DSE) needs and enable use of two screens as required
  • Desktop users will be able to request a second or larger screen
  • iPads can be loaned during the period of marking and feedback within each semester – please refer to the use of iPads and tablets

Equipment requests should be submitted to Digital Technology Services using the following online request forms:

Hardware request (laptop and screen)

iPad loan service

Please refer to this overview of marking and feedback equipment options that can help you find the most suitable IT equipment for your marking and feedback preferences.