This section provides details on the University’s examination processes.




Everything you need to know about exams
Information and guidance on the examination process, templates, exams schedule and timetable and much more is available on the University Examination Service webpage.

Exam Regulations
Follow this link for the Examination Conduct Policy

Legibility of examination work
Legibility of work presented for assessment

Students are responsible for ensuring that all assessment is presented in a legible form.

Examination scripts

Students are expected to write examination scripts in a legible form. If an examination script is illegible or difficult to read and the student has not already been formally warned about legibility, the student is required to transcribe the script prior to marking. This should be conducted under supervision. The student should be formally warned in writing that it is their responsibility to submit work in a legible form and any subsequent pieces of illegible work will receive a zero mark.

Guidance for students around exams

There is a range of support and guidance currently available to students on shuspace around the examination process.  One example includes the resource below:

Coursework and exams Advice

For further information, contact the University Examination Service

on phone%20button    (0114 225) 3079

or email%20button    ! Examinations