Introduction to Course Design

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This section considers assessment and feedback from a course design perspective. The pages in the Course Design section introduce the other aspects of the assessment and feedback strategy. They make it clear how the assessment strategy works holistically. This helps Programme and Course Leaders to design and co-ordinate an assessment and feedback strategy.

In the Course Design pages you will find out about:

Design Principles – the basis for developing your assessment and feedback strategy
Course learning outcomes – starting point in the design process, which describe what a student should know, understand or be able to do on completion of the course
Level descriptors – set out the level of challenge, complexity and autonomy expected of a student at each level

Course-focused assessment
A course-centred approach to the design of assessment and feedback ensures that the student’s assessment experience is optimised by having an overall conception of how they are assessed across their course. Such an approach finds, develops and promotes connections across and through levels to deliver course-focused learning outcomes.
Assessment with 'online in mind'
The University has adopted an online model where the student learning and assessment experience is enhanced through the appropriate use of technologies. The design with online in mind guidance has been produced to assist you in considering and exploring the varied range of technologies available to support assessment design during the course/module planning process.

The document asks a number of questions to prompt consideration and reflection on how technology could be used to enhance and support the learning and teaching strategy of a new or existing course. Design of assessment ‘with online in mind’ is another consideration in the move to online submission and feedback.

Delivering the assessment strategy
Specific details conceming Module Design, Feedback and Marking can be found in the corresponding sections in which provide more focus on delivering and evaluating the assessment and feedback strategy.



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