Introduction to Course Design

The Course Design theme introduces other aspects of the assessment and feedback strategy. They make it clear how the assessment strategy works holistically. This helps Programme and Course Leaders to design and co-ordinate an assessment and feedback strategy in the following areas;

Design Principles.

The use of design principles should enable anyone to make good judgements about effective practice. For course and module design and delivery refer to;

  • Assessment and Awards, section 1.1: course and module design and delivery of the Principles and Procedures for Assessment.
  • Planning and delivering our course principles –  guidance for staff in implementing course principles during the 2020/21 academic year and in response to COVID-19.
  • Course delivery – contains guidance to support the development of the course and module delivery plans during the 2020/21 academic year.
  • Re-engineering Assessment Practices (REAP) – these principles support good formative assessment and feedback, which in turn are based on the research on assessment;
    • Gibbs and Simpson, 2004.
    • Nicol and McFarlane-Dick, 2006.
    • Nicol and Draper, 2009)
  • Used individually or collectively, the principles support the design and implementation of effective assessment strategies.
  • Also represented in the Viewpoints Project – Viewpoints Toolkit which can be used to guide design discussions with course teams.

Course-focused assessment.

A course-centred approach to the design of assessment and feedback ensures that the student’s assessment experience is optimised by having an overall conception of how they are assessed across their course. Such an approach finds, develops and promotes connections across and through levels to deliver course-focused learning outcomes.

Assessment with ‘online in mind.

An online model is where the student learning and assessment experience is enhanced through the appropriate use of technologies. There’s a wide range of technology enhanced guidance and resources to support assessment and feedback with ‘online in mind’;