Course Review

Review, evaluation and the continuous improvement of assessment is an essentials activity to assure the quality of the student experience and to maintain standards. Annual Review of assessment operates in the same way as the University’s Annual Review process and at the same levels through a hierarchical reporting structure of

♦ Module  ♦ Course  ♦ Department  ♦ Faculty  ♦ Institutional Level

This allows module leaders to review the assessment performance of their module, course leaders to review their course and the performance of the modules contributing to it and so on through all levels of the University’s organisation.

The main aims of the review process are to allow module and course leaders to review and reflect on the whole assessment lifecycle and other aspects of course and module performance and to identify actions for enhancement. In line with the continuous improvement approach adopted by the university this can take place at any time throughout the year and course improvement plans updated with actions to support timely enhancement to the assessment experience.

Please refer to the AQS annual review forms along with the course improvement plan template and the Modification to Approved Provision which can be found under the ‘Resources’ section.

Reflecting and reviewing on assessment and feedback
When it comes to reviewing and reflecting on assessment, key information can be gained from student and staff feedback throughout the academic year that can inform future delivery of modules within your course for example; through module reviews, student attainment, student voice forums, external examiner comments, student surveys (NSS and PTES) and staff module review meetings.

Information gathered from student and staff on assessment and feedback can be included within your course review.


Next steps
When reviewing your approach to assessment and feedback for the next academic year, you could consider questions such as: is there a good  range of assessment task types set across the course; are assessment deadlines spread out through the academic year to avoid bunching; do all module leaders make assessment criteria and assessment statements available to students in advance of the module commencing; do all the modules fit together across levels and throughout levels to allow for student skill development. Refer to the Policy for Summative Assessment for further guidance.

To help inform your future course design, please take a look at Theme 1. Course Design guidance and information.


Quality contacts
If you would like further information on the Course Review process please contact any of the following staff in the first instance:

  • The relevant Quality Lead for your Department
  • Your Faculty Senior Quality Officer (for technical support/other queries)

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