This theme covers guidance around how marks are recorded in the BlackBoard Grade Centre for all assessment tasks. The resources within this theme will provide clear guidance to staff around entering marks online.

Recording marks on Grade Centre
Grade Centre is used to record students’ marks online and display provisional marks to students. Please read the TEL Help guidance on setting up and managing the Blackboard Grade Centre.

Please note that marks and feedback for students’ work that cannot be submitted online, e.g. presentations or artefacts, should still be added to Blackboard. You can do this using a standard column in Grade Centre.

To enter provisional marks and feedback in Grade Centre please follow the TEL Help guidance ‘how do I add marks and feedback in Grade Centre for students work submitted online’

Submitting marks to Academic Administration
Follow the TEL Help guidance ‘how do I prepare my marks spread sheet for submission to Academic Administration’?

Module Leaders must collate all marks for their module and clearly indicate the marks for each task identify the tasks and the weightings as per the module descriptor. All task marks must be submitted out of 100 and not pre-weighted according to the task weighting.

Complete sets of internally moderated marks must be submitted on a spread sheet to Academic Administration by the marks submission deadline. The spread sheet should be in excel format and preferably downloaded from the Grade Centre in Blackboard. Grade Centre Support can be accessed via Faculty E-Learning Support Teams. Excel support can be provided via IT Help on x3333 or email

Deadlines for submitting marks
Your Academic Administration team will let you know when they require student marks. The marks deadlines are set in accordance with the University academic calendars and to allow the Academic Administration teams to prepare the documentation needed for Departmental Assessment Boards (DABs) and resolve any issues in advance of these boards.

If Academic Administration receive marks after the deadline without prior agreement and it’s too late to process these marks, the results for these students will not show on the relevant Module and Course reports produced for the Departmental Assessment Boards. Therefore Course and Module leaders will not be able to consider all the student profiles at the DAB and these students may not receive the outcome of their results by the final results deadline.

Following the Departmental Assessment Boards final results will be communicated to students through MyStudentRecord. All staff have access to MyStudentRecord using their network username and password.

What to do if there are missing marks?
There are number of possible reasons for student marks being missing:

  • A student may have had an extension to their submission deadline and therefore has not yet submitted their work
  • A piece of work may not have been marked due to an oversight
  • A student may have left the module or course.

Please note the reason on the marks spreadsheet so that the student doesn’t receive a zero mark inadvertently.

If you cannot locate a missing piece of work and corresponding mark, please contact your Academic Administration Team for further advice.