Update: October 2020

Please be aware of the addendums to all of the university Regulations, Policies and Procedures on assessment as we move through the academic year 2020/21.

Here at Sheffield Hallam University, our Policy for Assessment applies to all courses and modules offered by the University, except where there are specific exemptions due to Professional, Statutory or Regulatory Body requirements or where the University has agreed alternative arrangements with collaborative partner organisations. Exemptions require support and agreement through the appropriate process and must be published in course/module-specific documentation.  

Assessment Essentials is fundamentally an academic model that is intended to be pedagogically driven, providing a holistic picture of assessment design and delivery activity and should be designed and delivered in accordance with the University’s:

and with reference to the Principles and Procedures for Assessment and the University’s Grade Descriptors.

Clarity on assessment design and delivery, including what is assessed, and when and how assessment takes place, is an important area for the University to continually improve upon and features strongly in the National Student Survey.  Improving the transparency and understanding of assessment processes and protocols is an important element of the assessment experience and helps students to see that these are equitable and fair.

Course Assessment and Feedback Experience (CAFE) project 2017/18 and 2018/19 used evidence-based approaches to identify and support the development assessment and feedback practice placing the student experience (student voice) at the heart of its approach.

As well as the Assessment Essentials resource for academic staff we also have the Assessment 4 Students site that has been designed in the same format to help support our students navigate through the assessment policy, principles and procedures.

The model has been based on the Manchester Metropolitan University Assessment Lifecycle and through discussions with JISC EMA project.