Assessment boards/appeals


Within this section we provide guidance around assessment boards and the appeal process.

What are Assessment Boards?

Sheffield Hallam University’s assessment boards are held at the end of each assessment period and ratify students’ assessment results. The responsibilities of the Departmental Assessment Boards are to:

  • ensure that assessment has been conducted in accordance with the definitive document and approved module descriptors;
  • ratify the final moderated marks for each course;
  • ratify individual student assessment profiles leading to progression, continuation and award;
  • ensure that the assessment of students has been conducted in accordance with University regulations (and PSRB requirements where appropriate);
  • address quality assurance issues relating to assessment delivery and processing which require immediate attention, eg. scaling;
  • identify quality assurance issues requiring review for referral to Departmental Boards, eg. modules with high referral rates.

Please see Departmental Assessment Board Policy Following the assessment boards final results will be communicated to students through MyStudentRecord. To find out when your results will become final, select your College from the list below;

How do I appeal?

You can appeal against a decision of a Departmental Assessment Board (DAB). DAB decisions are published after each assessment period in the form of ratified marks and grades, and these decisions will confirm whether you can progress to the next level of study and/or have achieved an award. You can appeal against a result decision which impacts on the application of the pass, progression, award or classification regulations. You must submit your appeal within 10 working days of the date your confirmed results are published on My Student Record. For information on the process to follow, please refer to the Appeals Policy and Procedure. Complete and submit the Appeal Form.

Early resolution – you are encouraged and expected to speak with relevant members of staff as early as possible if you require clarification or do not fully understand the impact of a decision or require clarification of a mark awarded for your work. We take seriously all issues raised with us and aim to deal with them in a timely, fair and consistent way. We will ensure that you are not disadvantaged as a result of raising an issue with us. You should speak to or email the member of staff most directly involved with the issue that you have. This is likely to be one of the following:-

  • Module Leader
  • Course or Programme Leader
  • Student Support Adviser 
  • Student Support Services

If you are not sure who to speak to, or you do not feel able to approach the person most directly involved, you can seek advice regarding this from your College Helpdesk, Student Union Advice Centre, or any of the people listed above. You could also contact your student representative.  Student reps act as a communication link, bridging the gap between their fellow students and University staff by discussing any issues affecting their educational experience. There are two different types of Student Reps, Course and Department Reps.  If you are not sure who your rep is, contact your course leader for details.